Friday, March 04, 2005


Standard start

Joining up the blogsphere with the traditional remark about starting to blog. Ten years ago the opening comment ( - Jul 14, 1995) was about starting up my own Web site after spending half a year putting up sites for others. Coincidentally, that comment concerned Bill Fraser, whom I ran into again recently. The Valley remains a small place.

I've had the domain for 10 years so as you might guess, I've been journeying in information design for at least that long. The STC links are a good jumping off point for the range of what is meant by information design. Recent touch points on the edges have included speech interaction using VXML, motion based media such as video and Flash, and handhelds. Most recently, I've been working in the more mainstream world of taxonomy, structuring information, search optimization, and content management system vetting.

So this is the kind of stuff I'll be kicking around here. I expect I'll also be unable to resist the occasional observation on our times. Too much formative time in Berkeley.
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