Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Bloom Box and the 408

I recently saw an observation about some Silicon Valley companies being more 408 than 415. This refers to the area codes, with 415 being more on the northern end, into San Francisco, and 408 on the south end toward Santa Clara and San Jose. The implication was that 408 was more Old-School with its roots in semiconductors, with the other end being more Web.

Another implication was that Green Tech was going to come from the 408. All the engineering, time, and investment needed by semiconductors is the same thing needed by Green Tech. No two guys in a dorm room. Nothing calls this difference out more than the Bloom Box in Sunnyvale, which looks like it's having its coming out party tomorrow.

CBS 60 Minutes already had a preview this past weekend. With installations already at Google, FedEx, Walmart, and eBay, the Bloom Box could be a real world changer, especially when you think India, Africa, and other large populations where virtual farming doesn't have much of a following.

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